Class Discussion – 6th Period

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Should George Washington High School require students to wear a school uniform?
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41 thoughts on “Class Discussion – 6th Period

  1. George Washington students should not be forced to wear a school uniform. While in high school, one is too old to not be allowed to wear clothes of their choice. Now, a dress code is reasonable since it prevents students from wearing outfits that are simply ridiculous, but a uniform is over the top. Also, many individuals feel that they can express themselves through their clothing, and that right does not deserve to be stripped from everybody. Furthermore, comfort is a major issue when having a uniform in place. Most uniforms do not allow sweatpants and other students’ favorites and usually cause for nicer clothes, which are less comfortable. A uniform is not the answer for George Washington High School.

    • Weber, I believe that it’s easier to express for others to express their feelings through their clothing of choice as well. Plus, most people do like to be comfortable while they’re getting an education because if they’re not comfortable then they won’t be able to focus in class. Therefore, i agree that George Washington High School should not acquire any form of dress code.

    • I to agree with Weber a uniform would be over the top for the students at George Washington High School. They are old enough to know what is and what is not acceptable. I also agree that a dress code is reasonable for the people who don’t but should know the difference.

  2. George Washington High School students should not have to wear a school uniform. There are lots of reasons why GW students shoudn’t have to wear uniforms. Firstly, how a person dresses is a part of their personality. It describes what a person is like. If we were in school uniform, the school would be denying a part of their personality. Secondly, the school adminstrators and teachers would have to monitor the students even more with a school than they do now. More and more students would be sent to the office for not following the school uniform properly. A school dress code should be present, but the school shouldn’t restrict students by making them wear a uniform.

    • I firmly agree JT. You are correct in every point you made, such as clothing expressing one’s personality. This would upset many people and would cause much chaos. Moreover, you are correct in saying that there would be more cases in which students are sent to the office. Most people would hate wearing the same outfit evaeryday, causing for people to feel more rebelious. I also agree with you in saying that a dress code is necessary to help stop students from wearing unacceptable clothing, such as clothes that are too revealing or not allowed for schools. I completely agree with everything in your comment.

  3. George Washington High School should not require students to wear a school uniform. This so because issuing uniforms would cause many students to be unhappy. Also, many people believe that it would be an infringement upon their freedom to express themselves through their clothing. It should also be noted that many religions require their followers to wear certain clothing and to force them to wear something else would be considered religious oppression. Multiple students would also be upset because if the school let’s people to follow dress code of their religion, those that still have do not follow a religion where they are required to wear certain clothing will still have to follow their religion. Some would consider it unfair, therefore, if a uniform was put in place, it would not last very long due to an uproar of complaints. In conclusion, George Washington High School should not require students to wear a school uniform

    • Justnin, this is very true. A school uniform does take away students rights that should be allowed. Dealing with religious head wear and clothing, the school would more than likely make an acceptation with the school uniform. Many students would complain.

  4. No, George Washington High School should not require students to wear a uniform.One reason for this is that if a student fails a grade then other students would know and would pick on that student. For example, if Jack fails the 10th grade, 10th grade’s dress code color was blue and 11th grade’s dress code color is red, and his friends next year see him wearing blue then they will pick on him. Secondly, a lot of times it’s hard to find dress code colors when schools assign dress code. Like, when i went to Westwood last year it was hard to find a plain navy blue, collared shirt and khaki pants. Lastly, another reason is that it raises the electric bill because parents have to wash that same uniform over and over and over. For instance, if Jason has 3 collared shirts and has 3 pair of khaki colored pants, there’s five days in a school week, 2 out of those 5 days his parents will have to wash those uniforms again then on that Sunday they will have to wash the uniforms again so the electric bill will be higher than usual because of all the laundry that their doing from the 3 outfits.

    • I agree with you to the utmost degree, Da’Shawn. Some kids that fail a grade will get picked on by their peers. A different colored shirt could cause bullying and sometimes worse events. I also agree with you about the colors. Some colors are more rare and harder to find than other colors such as red or green. A color such as navy blue would be hard to find. Also people that dont have many shirts or pants would be at a disadvantage becasue their water and electric bills would be up. If they cannot already afford clothing then, a high elctric bill would be hard to afford. So I think you have a very strong argument and are very correct about your opinions.

    • Da’Shawn I completely agree with you, uniforms would cause a huge problem with the electric bill. Especially if the students don’t buy a lot of the required components for the uniform. This is a big problem with Westwood and Bonner Middle Schools. It also a big waste of water. Therefore, a uniform should not be placed.

    • Da’Shawn W., I agree with your response completely. students would feel really bad if they had to wear the same color two years in a row, it would get annoying and be more obvious if classmates failed. Also, it would raise the electric bill because many people would not purchase more than two or three shirts and pants so they would have to wash it so they would not smell weird.

    • Da’Shawn I agree, Gw should not have a dress code. Students will be picked on by peers if they have failed a grade an seen wearing that grades color. Also, some students are less fortunate to have a lot of clothes an will be forced to wash their clothes every week, which will increase their electric bill. This is why I agree that Gw should not have a dress code.

  5. George Washington High School should not wear uniforms for many reasons. George Washington students should not wear uniforms because uniforms don’t flatter all people and that makes people’s self confidence go down. Also, students express themselves by what the they wear, because they have the right to. In school, it is important for people to be comfortable wearing what they feel confident in, that way they can focus on the academics. Another reason a uniform should not be enforced because while it would decrease violations, students would try to bend the rules and accessories, and it would possibly get the students in trouble.

    • Amber, i agree with your statement completely. It is very true that most students do not enjoy to wear a uniform because it does not flatter them, and does not make them feel very comfortable with themselves. I also believe that it does not help with school work like other’s say.

    • Amber I agree with your statement for many reasons.
      1. In middle school uniforms were enforced and many students were bullied due to failing their grade.
      2. There would be an higher rate in bullying as well as fights among the students.
      3.GW for many years allowed students to wear whatever they like, but with some regulations.
      4. Lastly, There would be a possibility of students skipping school and dropping out.

  6. George Washignton High School should not require students to wear a school uniform. This would cause many more issues. These issues include more referrals, which George Washington does not really need. Another issue is money. Some students are less fortunate than others and cannot afford new clothes. This would put them at a disadvantage because the new uniform would make them buy entirely new clothes. A school uniform also means less variety. Some students love to wear many different clothes. Some love it so much they would be willing to get a referral just to wear there own clothing styles. This goes back to more referrals. With many referrals our school would have less people in attendence each day. This would give them a disadvantage in the classroom as well, because they are absent Like Bonner Middle School last year, numerous referrals look bad upon the school. George Washington High School is supposed to be a great environment for learning, not a high school with hundreds of referrals each day.

    • I couldn’t have said it any better Will. You made a very good point with the referrals. Having a school uniform would cause many more referrals. GW would be looked down upon by other schools and people in the community. Parents might even not send their children to attend GWHS. That would lead to many more problems that Danville and Danville Public Schools don’t need.

  7. George Washington High School should not wear uniforms. There are many reasons for that. One being people would not be able to express theirselves the way they want. If everyone had on the same thing then no one would be unique. Although a uniform would most likely have a decrease on dress code violations, but still it is a terrible idea. Not many people break the dress code because it is very flexible.

    • Nichloas I agree, George Washington High School should be able to wear whatever they want so they can express themselves. Letting people wear whatever they want shows how unique everyone is.

  8. If you issue uniforms, there will be more referrals, less given instruction time, &&&Will be a disruption in the class… at previous schools, such in Danville, you have to wear uniforms, that’ll make them self- conscience -.-

  9. George Washington High School should not be require to wear uniform. The dress code now is good how it is now. Also, kids will be upset and wont work or may not even come to school. I believe we should be able to wear what we want but to a limit! George Washington is already to strict, a uniform will start a war!

    • I agree with Taesean, GW is very strict already. Students will be very upset. I like how he describes it by stating “a uniform will start a war!”

  10. No.Geoge Washington High School should not make their students wear a school uniform. One reason they should not is because students might not be able to afford the clothes that the school requires. another reason is because students should be able to wear the clothes that they feel confortable with wearing to school everyday. Also students have a higher risk of being picked on because they may have to wear the same outfit several times a week. These are seveal reasons why George Washington Highschool should not require a school uniform.

    • Jaylon, I truly agree with you that George Washington High School should not require a school uniform. Some parents/students are less fortunate than others and therefore they cannot afford the school uniform. Some students will get irritated by the uniform if they are not used to wearing one. It would be extremely rude if students were picked on because they wore the same uniform every other day of the week. I agree with all of your statements about not requiring students to wear a school uniform.

  11. No, George Washington High School should not require students to wear a school uniform. Parents’ money will be wasted on clothes because their child cannot wear the clothes they bought. If there is a dress code, students will not be able to express their personality. Everyone will look like little minions. Students will be gloomy and irritated that they have to wear a uniform. George Washington should not make students wear a school uniform because it causes a lot of problems for students and parents.

  12. George Washington High School should not have to where a uniform because having to wear a uniform would take away students self exspression and they are all simply to old to be told what to wear. Most students that attend George Washington High School are over or at least fourteen. At that age no one should have to tell you whats inappropriate you should already know. Uniforms would just restrict them in to many ways. The way a peson dresses reflects there personality and style. A dress code would be appropriate just not a uniform.

  13. No, George Washington High School should not have a dress code. One reason is high school students are young adults and want to wear what they desire to wear. Another example is high school students are at that maturity level to not bully people on what they wear. Lastly, students should be comfortable on what they wear to school. These are several reasons George Washington High School should not have a dress code.

  14. No, they should not have a dress code. George Washington High School students, she be able to have their own style. what good does it do, that we have a dress code ! We should be able to express our individuality. I would not be happy going to school here if we had a dress code. How many agree ? -.- -.- -.-

  15. George Washington High School should not have to wear a uniform. Parents would have to buy the uniform clothes, which could be hard to find or costly. If students could pick with they want to wear then it would be be easier on parents because they will not have to go to many different places to find something that is appropriate for the new dress code. Also, most students already have a lot of clothes that they can wear to school, but they would have to go buy more clothes; which is an inconvenience. It would be less of an inconvenience for George Washington to stay uniform free.

    • Shanel, I agree with your statement that it would be an extreme inconvenience to have to buy a whole new wardrobe just for school. Also, sometimes people just do not have the money to buy extra clothes. If George Washington High School were to require an uniform, then it would only be reasonable for them to provide a catalog or specific place to order from. If they did not, it would be placing a huge burden on parents to find a correct uniform. Although, the school ordering uniforms for over one thousand students would just not be practical for the school. If the school had to keep up with that many orders and sizes then they would be in a jumbled mess. Students should not be required to wear an uniform because it would be unfair to require the parents to provide the uniforms and not practical to have the school provide them.

  16. If George Washington High School required students to wear a school uniform, students would be very displeased. A dress code for the school would be an appropriate action of the school board, but a uniform would be too stressful to handle and take care of everyday, and that goes fro students and teachers! Some of the clothing students wear to school today is very inappropriate in many ways. People have dress code problems including girls having shorts and skirts be too short and cleavage, but guys on the other had, have the dress code problems of pants sagging, and having long coats to cover unsafe weapons and other items being brought to school. This is why schools have dress code, to prevent unsafe situations and to help students receive a better education, but having a uniform would create problems also. So a good compromise to this situation is to simply have a dress code, meeting in the middle, not having uniforms, but also not not having a dress code at all.

  17. G.W. High School should not require students to be in uniform, It is very important for students to express themselves. There are many other reason why G.W. should not have a uniform, being a student myself, having a uniform does not increase mental performance as some people do believe. Also, if the school system does not provide the uniform, it requires parents and families to buy the uniform, even if the student has a wardrobe. I do believe that it is important to keep any inappropriate clothing under control, but I do not think a uniform is necessary what so ever.

    • Shane T This is totally agreeable. Us as G.W High School students should be able to express themselves by wearing what they want. All parents are not fortunate enough to provide uniforms for the child. Its agreed that inappropriate clothing should be kept under control if a member of G.W decides to wear something way out of control. In conclusion, the statement is great and makes a lot of sense.

  18. George Washington High School should not require students to wear a school uniform for a variety of reasons. Students should be allowed to express their personality through their clothes. With uniforms everyone would be the same, no one would be able to express their individuality. Schools have many rules and regulations, schools uniforms would just be another way of limiting student’s freedom. There should be a dress code to limit body exposure, but school uniforms would be taking it to far. Also, many students would be very upset about having to wear a uniform. Some students might even rebel or act out in response to requirements of uniforms. It is best to not require George Washington students to wear a uniform beacuse it would be limiting individuality, cause displeasure, and maybe even cause rebellions.

    • Samantha,I completely agree with your statement about George Washington High School not having a dress code. It is a sign of individuality, I know students would hate to all look alike. Individuality and diversity are some very important parts of our world, that show who is who and what they do. If we did not have diversity and individuality in this world, then there would not be and differences in this world, our world would be lifeless and boring. A world like that, our students and teachers would not want to live in.

  19. No, George Washington High School should not have a dress code. There are many reasons to explain why. One reason why is because GW is suppose to shape the students into young adults and making the students wear dress code is not shaping us its making us feel like kids. Another reason why is because its takes away the individually. It makes everybody the same and everybody’s not the same. It also shows no expression. If everybody is wearing the same thing then nobody can show how they feel, that is why we have the freedom of expression because no two people are the same. On the other hand there are some good reasons too. One good reason is that no body gets made fun of because of what they wear. Another reasons is because the parents don’t have to worry about spending a whole lot of money on clothes.In conclusion, George Washington High School should not have a dress code.

  20. Should George Washington High school require students to wear a school uniform? No, George Washington High School shouldn’t require students to wear uniform. Students who went to school at Bonner or Westwood middle school was required to wear dress code and school uniform . Students couldn’t wait to get to George Washington High School to wear anything they want. If they make us wear uniform people not come to school ,because they don’t want to come to school and wear the same close 7 days a week. Wearing whatever clothes we want is a way people can express themsleves.

  21. Should George Washington High School require students to wear a uniform?No,Gw should not have a uniform.I am ready to explain why.The first reason why I think Gw shouldn’t have a uniform is because students should be able to wear what they want. Another reason is because the school doen’t buy any of our clothes that we wear.So if a student can’t afford what the school wants them to wear then what are is the student going to do?

  22. No, George Washington High School should not require a dress code. Students are not wearing anything wrong and the dress code is good enough. If students were to have a dress code who would follow it? This causes riots, angry parents, plus crazy amounts of kids leaving. Principals don’t even have to announce to check dress code anymore because there are not a lot of dress code referrals going on and its not a big deal. Dress code does not affect behavior like people say. George Washington High School is alright with the dress code we have.

  23. George Washington High School should not require a school uniform, students should have their say so in this discussion. Having a uniform policy enforced, students who are less fortunate than others would have to go out and spend more money. They should also think about how many students would follow the dress code. If students break the uniform code, that would lead to more referrals. I personally think that students should be able to wear whatever they want to school. Also, that would be very boring for students to wear the same clothes every week. Even though enforcing students to wear a uniform would have an impact on the number of dress code violations. George Washington High School is fine the way it is.

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