Intro Discussion – Spring 2017 – 1st Block

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What do you think is the number-one problem in Danville today? Write at least a paragraph (five or more sentences) explaining the problem and why you believe it is the biggest problem we have here.)

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15 thoughts on “Intro Discussion – Spring 2017 – 1st Block

  1. I think one of the big problems in Danville is alcohol. People always get in wrecks for being drunk. Alcohol makes people do crazy things but for some reason its legal down here. Although if you get pulled over and have alcohol beverage and its open you will get charged. That’s a dumb law you still get in trouble for something that’s legal.

  2. I think the biggest problem in danville is the crime rate. I also think the biggest problem in danville is the amount of fights in schools, and all the drugs that are being used illegally.

  3. crime is the number one problem in Danville, cause people are getting shot from left to right… so yea… (i can’t put more than one sentence for this prompt…)

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  4. The number-one problem in Danville today is the crime rate. It started back in early 2016, but started to increase heavily throughout the year, then falling into 2017. The age group of people doing this, are around 18 and older. Many children, young adults, and elderly people are getting dying and getting hurt. If someone doesn’t put a stop to this, more severe things will begin to happen.

  5. I feel like the one problem with danville are the amount of jobs that are here. There are practically no jobs here that pay well or any jobs to begin with. So picture this I am an adult and i have to get a job where should i go? the only business that we are known for are our food businesses. So there is no variety of jobs that are here. also even the business has a opening if would be filled in a mere day.

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  6. I believe gun violence is the number one problem in Danville. Because innocent people get injured in the process on a robbery or shooting. I see on the news that on Monday a man was shoot on the street I live on. I believe we could fix this problem by fixing the gun laws. I belive this would make Danville a better place to be.

  7. I think the number one problem with Danville today is unemployment. Unemployment is a big problem with people in any state. The word simply means that you are without work and have no source of income to your banking accounts. This would be terrible for a person that needs to save money and to survive in a situation where welfare and the economy collapses, therefore there would be little to no funding to the unemployed and retired. The way to stop this is for anyone that is able to work, should work to raise the economy.

  8. What do I think is the number-one problem in Danville today is gang banging, steeling, and killing. Why I think it is bad is because we don’t need that in our community. We need a better community for our young people that’s growing up today. Why steel for? Its not reason to steel for, you can work and buy it with your own money. Killing is a sen, I don’t believe in killing like why kill for and take somebody life anyway, that somebody love. Why ya’ll can fight it out then instead of using guns?

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  9. I think the number one problem in Danville Today is crime. People these days are now killing and robbing each other due to gang related things. I think people should think first before reacting to things that’s not even worth it. Nowadays you cant go outside to enjoy yourself because of the violence thats going on in our community.I think people should stop the violence and come together.

  10. I feel like the problem in Danville is there is not many places to go to.
    the amount of places that are in Danville is small. The mall only has a small amount to go to.

  11. My problem in Danville is that we have no corner stores. I’m only 14 so I currently don’t own a car. So unfortunately, when I want to go to the store I have to walk 45 minutes to get there and 45 minutes to get back. Besides that, even if my parents drive us it is still a huge waste on gas. If we had a corner store I could just walk about 5 minutes from my house and back, and my parents wouldn’t have to drive me, helping them save up on gas. But unfortunately we don’t which is why I believe these are one of the biggest problems in Danville.

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  12. I think the number one problem in our city is people talking bout each other in a negative way. Nobody haves rights to be bullied by others. That is why people kill each other and there selves. We all need to even stay to our selves or if u do not have nothing nice to say, do not say nothing at all. This is why i think people talking about each other is one of the main problems in our city.

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  13. I think the number one problem in Danville is people killing each other. People shouldn’t be killing other people for no reason. Little kids are getting killed. The killing needs to stop.

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  14. I think the problem in Danville is the killing thats goin on. Some people need to think before reacting to anything. The wrong reaction can have a big consequence. Teenagers are being guided the wrong way and think having guns nd trying to shoot someone is cool. Everyone should make an effort to make our community better.

  15. The biggest problem in Danville is that people do not care about the city as much especially when it comes to the education of our youth. It is important for everybody or mostly everybody to know what is going on around the city and try to make Danville a better place and more appealing place to live in. When it comes to our education the school can use more finances for better technology and different ways of teaching instead of us using old books with outdated information better classrooms because, some them are falling apart and have bug problems.

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