Intro Discussion – Spring 2017 – 2nd Block

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What do you think is the number-one problem in Danville today? Write at least a paragraph (five or more sentences) explaining the problem and why you believe it is the biggest problem we have here.)

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19 thoughts on “Intro Discussion – Spring 2017 – 2nd Block

  1. I think the shootings that have been happening lately are a problem. Many people have been shot and killed. The police do everything they can do but its not enough to stop the shootings. Last year Danville had 14 or 15 homicides. Hopefully this year Danville will not have over 10 homicides.

  2. I believe the current problem in Danville today is, the young killings Danville has had going through out last year and the robbing incidents that happened recently this year. Danville’s crime is rising quickly and crime is not good. The street crime unit is reopened and in action ,but they aren’t helping any. Danville just ain’t the place it used to be anymore alot of things and people changed.

  3. the ignorant people that think they run things. that is how most people die now adays but that is not my problem but ignorant people get on my nerves especially teachers that repeatedly tell a student to put up her phone yet she is doing what she is suppose to, take it into consideration

  4. Shooting young people that haven’t seen their future yet. The reason why I think shooting is a problem in Danville it making look like a bad place to live in for people to enjoy and live in. That my problem

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  5. I think the main problem in Danville is the schools, because the kids are bullies and make up stupid gangs and if you aren’t in it you are not cool. I think students should be able to go to school feeling safe and get the learning that they need instead of being pressured down to where you can’t concentrate. Also, the teachers won’t do anything for discipline if a student keeps someone from learning they just tell them to be quite and they never do. it’s kinda like they don’t care that the kids go to collage or not as long as they have a job and getting payed.

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  6. I believe that Danvilles problem is not love. So much violent killing each other and hurting each. All the robbery, taking each other things with out asking. So much confusing toward each other with the fighting and aruging. There confusing in schools to with gangs and leaving kids life out of groups. Kids picking on the less wealth making them feel unwanted and that they shouldnt be here. We need more love and to just understand each other. We need to come together as one and love on each other and enjoy life.

    *removed full last name*

  7. I think one of the biggest problem in Danville is they have too much violence. Kids fight and picking on each other. All on the new is Danvillle killing and robbing people. Like we need peace in our city!!! JUST STOP ALL THE VIOLENCE!!!

  8. I fell that the number one problem is too many people getting in trouble. selling drugs bullying people .killing kids.kidnaping .robingstors.robing bankssteling cars.steling pckedbooks.chine snatching.

  9. I think the number one problem in Danville is all the violence that is going on. Everyday there is someone who was killed or a place that was robbed. People have to be more safe now then they had to be back then.

  10. I think the number one problem in Danville are the roads. They are rugged and bumpy. They have lots of pot holes which could ruin your tires up. They could cause accidents which could cause a lot of damage. It could cost a lot of money to fix them but i n the long run they would help. That is what i think the biggest problem is in danville.

  11. The number one problem in danville is people killing other people. Last year almost 15 people died, This year is already starting off bad because people robbing and shooting people and the year just started. Hopefully the crime numbers don’t be as bad as last year.

  12. I think the biggest problem in danville is violence, because people don’t get along in danville. Danville isn’t a bad place to live its the people in it. Everyone in danville should get along but they don’t and its crazy.I wish danville could go back to the old days were everyone got along. Danville is a great place to go to we just have to make it better for grown people and the children.

  13. I feel like the number one problem in Danville today is crime and violence. Violence is not only happening in Danvile but it is also happening all around the world. There have been so many recent crimes going on around the world. Violence is a major problem in Danville but that can change. I hope that all problems will be resolved and that we may all live without violence and crime.

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  14. I think the biggest problem is the fact that there is almost nothing to do here. I know we have skatetown and the bowling alley but there sort of repetitive. I think we need to make this city more for everyone not just seniors. We also really need to brighten up downtown more. The schools are fine with me. On the topic of bullying, it just happens, we shouldn’t be teaching kids not to bully but rather to deal with it because it is just a part of life. We have okay equipment and I don’t very much disagree with any one policy. We just need to make the city more active and fun.

    *removed full last name*

  15. I think the biggest problem in Danville is that they have to much crime and violence. Kids fighting everyday , people getting killed, , people getting rob and people shooting all the time. WE JUST NEED TO STOP ALL THE VIOLENCE

  16. I think the problem in Danville is the Gangs and killing people. People should be able to walk on the streets and feel safe without having to worry about being jumped, shanked, robbed, Chain snatched, or Dying because of the dumb gangs in Danville . I think we should all unite and Stop the dumb gangs and robberies in Danville it’s making this place look dumb.

  17. I think one of the biggest problem in Danville is they have too much violence. Kids fight and picking on each other. All on the new is Danvillle killing and robbing people. Like we need peace in our city!!! JUST STOP ALL THE VIOLENCE!!! Just make us come together as one. To make our city a better place. Most of all is the crimes that’s going. Not just in Danville But all over the world. There are to many crimes going on in the world. We got to stop and show people Danville not bad it’s the people making it seem like it but it’s NOT.

  18. I think that the biggest problem in Danville is the violence. There is young boys and girls out here in the streets, shooting and killing each other. This city just need some unity to bring everybody together to help stop the violence. I think bringing in more activities in the community would help tremendously. The more these teens are kept busy would be better.

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