2nd Block – Discussion #2 – Spring 2017


This is the post for my 2nd Block English 9 class’ Discussion #2. You will receive two separate assignments: Website Comment and Website Reply. Read and follow the directions carefully. :)

Do digital apps help or just waste time?

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7 thoughts on “2nd Block – Discussion #2 – Spring 2017

  1. Coleman,Taisha
    Do apps help or waste time

    Apps help sometimes when people use them for homework or classwork. When people use an app for homework or classwork it’s helpful most of the time. Sometimes apps used for homework can waste people’s time because people spend so much time searching for what people have to do it takes forever to find it. When people use an app they have to know what they’re using it for and what do on the app. In my opinion apps can help and waste time.

  2. I believe that most apps will more likely help me than waste my time. I believe this because people use apps to find directions, search locations, and even look up important facts. For example, when you need directions all you have to do is put the address in Google Maps and it will show you along the way which paths to take in order to get to your destination. If you need to search a location, like a restaurant, all you have to do is put in the restaurant name you want to go to, say “Popeyes” for example. All you have to do is put in “Popeyes” in the search bar and it will give you different but close areas nearby that have “Popeyes” restaurants. Finally, when you need to look up important facts you can just go on the internet browser app on your device and search up what you need to know. Say you have a project due on Malcolm X and it has to be turned in tomorrow!, well you can just go on the search bar and type in Malcolm X and it will give you many facts about him. Including his early childhood, what year he was born, what year he died, and many other important facts.

  3. Apps are a very useful product. Apps save time from everyday tasks. They can help anyone with things you didn’t even know you needed help with. There are many apps you probably didn’t even know existed. Apps can helped change the way you live in a positive way.
    Apps save you time from everyday tasks like getting food or even getting you a taxi. Apps can help you with things you didn’t even know you needed help with like finding a nearby bathroom. There are apps you probably didn’t even know existed like Dice helps you decide where to eat or Billr which helps you split a bill the right way. Even if you want to live a more positive life there are apps for that like Head Space which gives you techniques on how to have a more positive attitude. That’s why apps help people and are not a waste of time.

  4. Some apps could waste time but some could also help. One reason some apps are a waste of time is because a lot of times they distract us from the more important things such as school work, activities, etc. Many times when people are bored or just do not have anything else to do, they often rely on their social media apps such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter to keep them occupied. People using their cell phones apps during school instruction is becoming a big issue. For example, video-chatting people, talking on the phone, and even asking to go to the bathroom just to use the cell phone. The reason some apps could help is because there are many apps to help people with school, work, and even life. Some people may have a different opinion on this topic from their point of view.

  5. “ apps are just a waste of time unless they have a purpose”. I think they are both. Some apps are helpful and useful ,but some are very dumb and have no meaning. It also depends on the person, if they like the app or not. It also depends on the person’s point of view like instagram or facebook.

  6. Apps vary in many different ways but more waste time than the ones that are actually useful. Most apps are just off-brand copies of popular games or apps that claim to be “essential” but are actually apps you’ll download for a day and then eventually realize were completely useless in the first place. Though social media apps are usually very addicting and time wasting, so even the popular apps are pretty much useless. There are apps like banking and payment apps that seem to help a lot in bigger and more urban cities across the country. The only truly useful apps that aren’t finance apps are the apps that come with a phone or a computer like an alarm or calculator, or apps that a developer has made that is better at handling jobs that the standard device apps are supposed to do. Overall, apps basically are just for a little bit more convenience and nothing more.

  7. No, apps are useful in many ways, but bad in some cases also. One reason that apps help is they connect everyone with the world better. Another reason why apps helps is because they can communicate with people so will they know what everyone is doing. The last reason why apps helps some people is you get to see how much you change on social media. These are the reasons why apps are useful.

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