1st Block – Discussion #2 – Spring 2017


This is the post for my 1st Block English 10 class’ Discussion #2.

You will receive two separate assignments: Website Comment and Website Reply. Read and follow the directions carefully. :)

In our society, is it better to be a boy or a girl? State your position, then defend it with reasons and examples. (Check the assignment sheet for specific requirements.)

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16 thoughts on “1st Block – Discussion #2 – Spring 2017

  1. In this day of age it is better to be a boy than it is a girl. It is because of the people who represent girl that are called feminists that would overreact to one simple word and stuff like that. Then there is the girls that do not know how the way the world works. Next there are the girls who use other people for their own good. Now please realize that these are a portion of all girls not all are bad. So that is my stance on this topic.

  2. Girls are better than boys because girls are smarter. Most people would think thier equal. Some would say boys are better, and others would say girls are better. In today’s society girls are better than boys. girls are smarter than boys because girls know how to say no to bad ideas or something that doesnt sound right. Another reason girls are better is because girls are more carrying than boys. girls are more sensitive than guys. Girls also know how to take charge to get what they want. women are very persuative than guys. girls can also do anything they set thier mind too, thats why girls are better than boys

    • Hi Dreona,

      I think you’re right in a sense, because statistics show that most crimes committed today, a man is responsible, but I also think that any crime a man can commit, a female could equally carry out. This is because we are all humans, and some of us do things that others do not, but given the prison system of today, the system would rather incarcerate a boy than redeem him. Although I do think that you are right.

      – Jeremy P.

    • You right but i think its better to be a boy because they don’t have to go throw what we girls go throw…

      *removed full last name*

  3. it is better to be a girl than a boy. One reason it is better to be a girl is we have more clothing choices. The second reason it is better to be a girl is we live longer than men. Another reason it is better to a girl is we are more in tuned with our emotions. The final reason it is better to be a girl is that you can notice when changed the way we look.

    • Jada, I feel as if you are right in a certain way. I do feel as if it is better to be a girl sometimes but not just because we can tell when we make a change in our face or wardrobe. I agree with you when you said women do live longer than men because statistics say it’s true, but only if you live a nice, healthy life.

  4. I am so confused right now because its like im speaking like a boy and which im not. I would like to do another writing essay.

    *removed full last name*

  5. In our society, it is better to be a boy because boys are taken more serious. I think boys commit more crimes than girls because girls make smarter decisions. Girls have more problems like being raped, childbirth and PMS. It also seems like it is a competition between girls and boys when seeing who can do something better. I think girls have to prove themselves more so people will take them serious.

    *removed full last name*

  6. I feel that in our society it is better to be a boy because, certain things that girls seem to stress about boys tend to not let whatever it is affect them as much. I feel that peer pressure and being able to fit in with girls is a much bigger problem than it is for boys. The biggest problems with boys, is that they have a tendency of being curious, making poor decisions and just mixing with the wrong group of people.

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