3rd Block – Discussion #2 – Spring 2017


This is the post for my 3rd Block English 10 class’ Discussion #2.

You will receive two separate assignments: Website Comment and Website Reply. Read and follow the directions carefully. :)

In our society, is it better to be a boy or a girl? State your position, then defend it with reasons and examples. (Check the assignment sheet for specific requirements.)

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17 thoughts on “3rd Block – Discussion #2 – Spring 2017

  1. In this society, it is better to be a man because there is more inclination to a better life being a man. The first reason it is better to be a man is because they have more opportunities to get jobs. Since a lot of jobs have to do with heavy duty, men are the better option in hiring. Men tend to be taller and have a bigger build, so women are usually out of the question about whom to hire. The second reason it is better to be a man is that they get better-paying jobs. To this day it’s very obvious that men tend to get better pay than women. If there were a promotion with a better salary, that promotion would go to a man. This was no different back in the day, even though the pay for women is a bit closer to what men get paid, there is still a difference. The third reason it is better to be a man is because their rape percentage is a lot lower than the percentage for women. The fourth reason it is better to be a man is because when in danger they can defend themselves easier than women can. The last reason it is better to be a man is because no matter what women do, they get a label. If she wears clothes that are too tight or revealing, she sleeps with a lot of people. If she covers herself completely, she is a good girl and too spiritual. If she is Latina, she is crazy. If she is black, she is loud. When it comes to men, no one cares; they do whatever they want and for the most part do not get labeled and judged. Society has become more equal than before, there is no complaining there, but it is very visible that there is still some inequality between gender and other things.

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    • Mayo, Latarica

      Nicole, I think you did a good job because you had good, understandable points in your response that I could relate to, especially when you are referring to jobs.The fact that men get unfair advantage over women is a good point you made in your response.

  2. In our society it is better to a man because men are trusted with certain task over women, men have less problems they have to face in society, and men have more opportunities in society. The first reason it it better to be man is that men are trusted with certain task over women; for example, if something heavy needs to be moved people will generally ask a man to do so; another example is if something dangerous need to be done people will ask a man to avoid a women getting hurt. The second reason is that men have fewer problems they have to face in society; for example, men don’t deal with harassment as much as women do. The third reason is that men have more opportunities in society, like the ability to do certain jobs that women won’t do because men are more open to certain jobs needs. In conclusion it is better to be a man in our society.

  3. In society, it is better to be a man. One way is like at jobs. A job may require heavy lifting and a man and women may go for the same job and they man will most likely get picked over the women who is fully capable of doing the same thing. Which leads to another point, a women is more likely to get attacked then a man,because society sees her as weak and vulnerable.Honestly, it really does not matter if you are a man or woman. We are all humans. People all have equal right and should not be treated different because they are a men or women. So does it really matter? Nowadays boys are turning into girls and girls into boys. Yes, sometimes people may not be able to do certain things because they are a man or woman. But it doesn’t mean that it is better to be either a boy or girl in this society. But if i had to pick it would be men. Only because men get treated as if the are the dominant gender. They get more respect than women.

    • I agree with, you Latarica, that we are all people and should be equal. Because of the viewpoint in the “dominance” of the male gender, there is different treatment. Women are seen as weak people, so people can do whatever they want to with them; for some reason there is really no respect for women. Whether transgender or not, everyone deserves equality, no matter what gender, in the end we are all human, and everyone has different advantages and disadvantages. Everyone should look at skill before gender.

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  4. The reasons of being a boy is better than being a girl is because boys have physical advantages,emotional advantages. The reason boys have physically bulit guy’s bodies are built to be stronger and faster they are built with wide shoulders and borde chest. The emotional advantages is that guys do not have as many hormones as girls do. It’s just the way a guy is built. So in conclusion the reason why it’s better to be a guy is that they don’t have as many emotions as girls and they are physically built stronger.

    • Gregory, I agree with your statement. I believe that you made some good points in your comment like the one about boys’ physical advantages over girls. The physical advantages allow guys to do thing that girls can’t do.

    • I agree with what you are saying, Gregory, it is better to be a man than a woman, especially when it comes to jobs. Women have so much trouble living life because they are not as built as men are which in this economy they need muscle.

  5. It is better to be a man than to be a woman. There’s a lot of reasons to that. Society downgrades women and treats them differently than they do men.They pay men more money, give them better jobs because they are more bigger and stronger than women. Men have an advantage in life because of their gender. Being a man is like a cheat code in life, society basically give men a life.while women struggle in their life trying to be in the position like men.

    • I feel that this is true in many ways considering, the physical and emotional imbalances between girls and boys. I also feel that women fit into the position in society that they’re supposed to fit in, considering jobs etc, even though men have a great advantage in life.

  6. n today’s society it is better to be a boy because most boys don’t have to go through the expectations what girls would have to accomplish like respecting themselves, acting a certain way and, proving that they can provide for themselves.Occasionally a statement would be made that a girl can do whatever a boy can do. For example, in the work force sometimes girls would have to work twice as much as a boy would do to be treated with respect. in society girls would be expected to know how to act a certain way in public. The reason why being a boy is better than a girl is that girls would have to prove and learn very quickly how to provide for themselves. Finally, the reason why I believe that being a boy is better than a girl is that girls have more obstacles than boys such as behavior,stereotypes, and their independence.

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  7. In today’s society, it is better to be a male because they get more opportunities than females, such as in the workplace. Men are more likely to be hired for a sports shop than women. Some men feel that women are inferior compared to them to boost their ego. In offices you mostly see men, that is because that is a male-dominated profession. Unlike being a teacher, that is a female dominated profession because females are looked at as the caregivers.

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  8. In our society today, it is mostly better for a person to be a male. One reason is because in this society it is very hard for a female to find the right person for her. And the main problem with that is because women nowadays outnumber men. Plus it’s like the average “regular” male is a bad influence to that female, which has to somehow change. The world needs more mature males who actually cares about their feelings and emotions and don’t just say that they love them and just leave them for somebody else. And it’s the fact that females go through it time and time again and today’s generation of males are just not understanding how bad that emotionally affects them, breaks them down, and makes them feel like they’re just attracted by what’s on their body and not by their feelings for them. This generation needs males who feel sympathy for them instead of just being in the streets and being involved in negative activities like drugs and gangs.

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  9. The reason why being a man is better is because, men don’t got to go through pregancies and stuff like that. Men can sports and girls can only can only play certain sports. Men can run real fast and women can’t. Women are very picky and boys not. So being a Man is better.Men can protect themselves more than girls. Men can work a better jobs than women because men i strong and girls are not that strong.

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