DISCUSSION #1 – 1st Block – Fall 2017

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What is the number-one problem in our city today? Write at least a paragraph (five or more sentences) explaining the problem and why you believe it is the biggest problem we have here.

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16 thoughts on “DISCUSSION #1 – 1st Block – Fall 2017

  1. The number one problem in our city is the crime rate . I don’t understand why you would want to kill people . You wouldn’t want any one to kill your friends or family . So why would you kill anyone else. It’s like you don’t care if u hurt anyone or not. Its the biggest problems because your taking a life. You didn’t make the person so you don’t have the right to take someone life.

  2. I feel like the biggest problem is gun violence. Many careers are being destroyed because of gun violence. They could be the one to do something important in life. Now they can’t because their dead. They didn’t even fully live out their lives.

  3. The biggest problem in our city is the violence. Our city has a very big problem with gangs and children who do bad things. This needs to stop. As of right now our city is not as safe as it should be. This is why Danville’s biggest problem is the violence.

  4. I think the number-one problem in our city today is that the youth is being killed. 2017 has been the worst year for some families because their child, niece, nephew, or grandchild have been taken from this world too soon. Adults say that the kids are the future, but how will there be a future if there are no kids left? I know a lot of people that are scared to go out and have fun and actually be a teenager because they are afraid that it would be their last time going out ever. Justice have not been served for these victims,all that have been done is that the curfew has been enforced more. More needs to be done for these victims and their families.

  5. The number one problem in are city today is the shootings and killings.There should be no reason for teenagers dying at this rate.Danville,Va has had almost 15 homocides this summer involving teenagers.This needs to stop today if people are having issues they shouldn’t bring guns into their problem.Everybody is being impacted on this tragedy that needs to stop!

  6. I think the number one issue is gun violence. I will say, I don’t think I am informed enough to discuss this in depth, but it is still an issue that someone should address. Just a little over a week ago a girl was shot and killed, and there were many others before her, including adults. Like I said, I am not the most informed individual but it is sad to think that people that young are dying, and that they will never get the chance to experience life. This is why I think gun violence is a problem in Danville Virginia.

  7. One of the biggest problems in our city is gang violence. There has been so many shootings in our are in the past year. It has gotten so dangerous that many people are scared to let their kids go play outside by themselves. We shouldn’t be scared to go outside. There are so many dangerous things happening in our city.

  8. The number one problem in my city today is wasting food. Food is wasted everyday in my city. Over the years it has gotten worse. Instead of donating extra food we throw it away. It would be helpful for people to donate to charities.

  9. In my city their is a lot of problems in it but the biggest problem is guns. Guns are being used for the wrong reason and that is causing a lot of murders. I believe that guns are the biggest problem in my city because it is causing more murders than any thing else. The last ten murders we had in my city was caused by guns. I think that guns should be banned in my city because they are causing to many killings.

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  10. In my opinion the biggest problem in my city now is racism. People always think that they’re better than the other race, but the thing about that is equality. We are all equal and no race is better than the other. As you see one the news its all ways black lives matter, but on the other hand what about all lives matter. It should be one race getting targeting by each other. If we just stop thinking we are better than the opposing race then we can accomplish more greater things. To sum up everything, everyone is equal. No one is better than the other race. We are all human beings and we can come together and do better things. That is the major problem in my city.

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  11. Will I feel like one of the biggest problems is people getting killed. Most of the times they get shot. Sometimes the shooter means to shot that person, sometimes they get caught in the cross fire. That is why I stay in the house all the time cause I don’t want to get shot. Anyways I believe that homicide is a huge problem.

  12. One problem we face in Danville is the gun violence. Every week it’s someone on the news saying that they died from getting shot. I believe this is the biggest problem because innocent lives are being taken. Maybe one day we will find whoever keeps taking the lives of our kids. This is why I believe gun violence is our biggest problem in Danville.

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  13. Our number one problem in our city is that we have to much violence! The homicide rates are going up. It is mostly teenager getting killed. People are not using guns for protection on they are using them to look all cool and then they end up killing someone just to impress someone. To many teenager have access to guns. Inconclusion our number one problem in our city is violence

  14. The biggest problem is the weapons. The weapons need to be put away i already lost a brother a few months ago and sister not even two weeks ago because of the weapons. I wish these adults,young adults would put down the weapons. Instead of using weapons to solve your problem talk it or just fight one on one just hands no weapons. I’m really tired of all young people dying early. There needs to be something or somebody that can help our city.

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  15. What is the biggest problem in our city you may ask? Well I believe it is water pollution. My first reason why is because it happens frequently like every 4 months. The second reason it is because it brings a lot of problems to body if drunk. The third reason why I believe this is that it just doesn’t effect our city it effects our world as pollution as a hole is a obvious big problem.These have been my reason why I think water pollution is the biggest problem in our city.

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