DISCUSSION #1 – 2nd Block – Fall 2017

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What is the number-one problem in our city today? Write at least a paragraph (five or more sentences) explaining the problem and why you believe it is the biggest problem we have here.

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10 thoughts on “DISCUSSION #1 – 2nd Block – Fall 2017

  1. The number 1 problem in our city today is children or people who are not eligible having a gun.
    Nobody should have a gun unless they really do need it or has a job they need it for. It is some people out here mostly teens who think it is cool to have a gun, and kill people. But it is not so many innocent lives were taken and are now gone. Because somebody thought it would be cool to go and tell their friends they have killed someone. These things need to be stopped asap. And that is the number one problem in Danville Va today.

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  2. I feel like our biggest problem happening in our city today is bullying. Almost everyday i seen someone getting on social media and at school. It mostly kids getting bullied just for who they are and it’s wrong and sad. That’s why i feel like people are so fake these days because they are scared to be who they really are. I really hate that for some kids and that’s why i feel like bullying should stop.

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  3. In our city the biggest problem is the crime rate. The crime rate in our city is steadily rising day by day. The police are having troubles trying to keep this down but it is still going up. I think if the police had more support they could get the crime rate down. The police don’t have enough support to handle the crime rate so therefore the crime rate will steadily rise.

  4. Whats the main problem in our city today ? There are many problems in our city . Although , my opinion is that black on black crimes is the main problem . There has been multiple numbers of black on black crimes being committed in our city in the last 3 months . Most people think that its only going to get worst & I strongly agree .

  5. The biggest problem we have here in Danville, Virginia is gun violence. I believe that this is the biggest problem we have because young teens and young adults are killing and taking innocent lives. Danville has ranked top #2 in gun violence for the state of Virginia which is really bad. The only way to stop this violence is to come together and put the guns down. This is why I believe this is the biggest problem we have here.

  6. What is the main problem in our city today? Our main problem is violence. Everybody has lost a loved one this year. Some people lost more than one. All of these shootings is getting out of control for people our age and higher. Some people succeed something and past away the same day. Some people didn’t get to see the rest of their life from the violence. The violence that’s going on today is uncalled for.

  7. The number one problem in our city is violence. This summer many people were getting killed and most of them were teenagers.I think this is the number one problem in our city because no one is doing something about it. More than 5 people were killed in just over 2 months. We need to do something about before it get worst.

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  8. The biggest problem in our city is the schools and the people. In school, not a lot of people are concentrated in what’s important. They have trouble in their senior year of high school and some people can’t even graduate. I think it’s the biggest problem because students won’t take anything seriously. They start paying attention in their senior year and that makes teachers work more. If they don’t graduate, they don’t go to college and might not even get a career that they want since every university expects for them to have good grades and good behavior.

  9. It’s alot of tradegys going around. There are lots of young people passing away. Everytime we try to get peace bad things start to happen again.My city just need to come together and be family instead of enemys.The way god put us should be the same peaceful way.

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  10. The Number 1 problem in my city ? Well That’s not really hard to say , I think its the killing that’s going on . What I mean is alot of young kids have died over the summer, Like its been bad the city been sad , most of them aint make em to there prom some of em did . But I wish everybody would put down the guns , I’ve been saying that since they took my big cousin boosie man , I wish they would just stop with guns , It dont need to be no more killing in danville at all its sad fr . So Thats the number one Problem that i wish would change in my city , Long live #TION #FATS #BOOSIE #ASIA #MARCUS #SEAN

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