DISCUSSION #1 – 4th Block – Fall 2017

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What is the number-one problem in our city today? Write at least a paragraph (five or more sentences) explaining the problem and why you believe it is the biggest problem we have here.

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17 thoughts on “DISCUSSION #1 – 4th Block – Fall 2017

  1. I think that the worst problem in the city, is money. People have to consistently pay money either every month or week, just to have lights and food. I don’t think people should have to pay for anything in the world. People are just stealing from the world and charging other people because they thought of it first. The internet has to be paid for, so a lot of people don’t have internet. This means that most are left out and aren’t updated on what’s going on in the world. School would be way better if they didn’t have to pay anything. I know that money is an issue, but we can’t change that, it’s just the world we live in.

  2. The biggest problem in Danville right now is the killings going on. A lot of young people are dying ,and it’s not right. It was up to 16 killings last year, and now it’s already 7 this year. Families are losing their children , and its causing a lot of emotional stress. Danville’s people needs to stop killing one another, or else we will be know as a dead city.

  3. The biggest issue in our city today is violence. Now everyone can a gun somehow and use it in the wrong way. Drugs also play a part in the violence and when you add weapons or hatred in the mix, then we get violence. If everyone would learn how to deal with their anger properly instead of turning to drugs or killing, then maybe we would not have so much violence. All of these young teens being killed has to stop. Violence is a huge issue in our city today.

  4. Ok, so, Danville has some problems here and there because we’re all not perfect. But, there is one problem I’d like to point out that is really bad in this city and it’s the river. To be honest the river is just flowing pollution, with all the chemicals and whatever is in the water. Take in the coal ash incident, where a lot of coal ash got spilt into the river. Now, most of the fish in that river can barely survive and it’s not a good source of clean water, I imagine that the Dan River won’t be such a great river and instead will just add to all the polution in the world. It’s the biggest problem in this city because we need to be weary of the health issue it causes to the environment.

  5. The number one problem in our city is firearms. Over the last week there have been people killed using a firearm. There was this girl who everyone called “Bally,” she was 16 and attending George Washington high school. Last week she was at the wrong place at the wrong time and unfortunately she got shot and killed.

  6. I believe the number one conflict the people of Danville face have that they have to be vigilant of everyday is the crime activity that occurs in the city. According to areavibes.com, the overall crime rate in Danville is 66% above national average. I think that is a clear shot that this city is becoming corrupted by people who only care for themselves. The either need to fight back or expand the the money the Police Department has to allow for more jobs and equipment. I think that this will decrease the amount of crime that happens in Danville greatly. I care for this city deeply. I have lived here for about 10 years now. This is my home and I want my home safe. I recommend anyone who have the ability to take action do so. I want the best for everyone, even if you’ve committed an unfortunate act.

  7. Danville, has an immense amount of crime. Considering, how small this town truly is it saddens me to even begin to speak on our crime rate. Too many people have not thought any of the awful decisions that have been made. Of course, their first solutions is to harm or commit a crime, just because, they know that’s exactly what’s needed to grab attention. Also, what is the community doing to try to stop this? Do you really want to live in a town where you are afraid to walk out of your house, or even just afraid to go out in public? This is not the type of world we should be living in. It makes me sick to my stomach thinking about the fact that, the next person to be harmed or robbed could be a family member of mine. I grew up in this town and i have love for this town, but there is no way i’m staying here. This is just one of the many problems with this city, and i’m ashamed to even speak upon the despicable actions that have and probably will continue to take place here.

  8. There are many problems in our city, But I think that the biggest problem in Danville is violence. There is much violence in our city, in many forms such as gang activity, domestic abuse and others and it is not coming to an end. It effects our city a lot because people are getting killed or assaulted and some them are completely innocent and have done nothing to that person. Also it tears parents away from their parents and everyone close to them, also there is no real reason for violence. That’s why I think it is the most important problem, and it needs to be stopped.

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  9. The number one problem in our city is violence. Violence is a very broad category which includes gang violence,and on the street violence. When walking on the streets of Danville most people have the fear of being caught in the middle of a cross fire. A cross fire of mostly gang related activities. Most of the violence also happens at school too. Usually in Danville a school fight happens every other week. The root of the violence and fights is unknown at this point,but hopefully we can figure out what it is and terminate it.

  10. One main problem in Danville, Va is the many murders we have had this year. We have had nine murders this years. I feel like this is a major problem because people are hurt and they don’t have nobody to share their feelings to. Most of the people that’s killing is probably not letting their feeling out, they just hold it in which is not good. So, i feel like the government should make it harder to get guns so we wouldn’t have such a bad problem.

  11. There are many problems in this society. I believe that the biggest problem is bullying. Bullying can lead to other causes like gun violence, suicide, and depression. Those three problems are major and bullying can cause all three. I think that it should stop and we should all get along.

  12. The number one problem in our city is the weather. The weather can be a pain for school because then, there has to be some delays. That messes up our education time. So, we don’t get the education we need. That adds on more school days. That’s what I think is the number one problem in our city.

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  13. What is the number one problem in our city today? I think the number one problem is deaths.There had been so many death in our city in the year 2017.There have been young people and older and it’s very sad.We lost people that could represent the city Danville as a good place.This is a very big problem and its still going on.One day i hope our city can be a much positive place ever.

  14. The number one problem in Danville is crime. Over the last two years our crime rates have been threw the roof. From murder to robberies, assault and more. I feel as though Danvillie needs more jobs more activities for the youth to occupy our time. I think that would make our crime rates drop because we would have things to do and that would keep us off the streets.

  15. The biggest problem in my city is young people killing themselves, an other teenagers. As of right now in my city there are so many dead teenagers, and young people all because of gang violence an there is no justice. Not for the families who endure the most pain nor the actual innocent person that died from a bullet that wasn’t even meant for them. Usually the teens aren’t in the right place at the right time and get caught up in the middle of a war between gang members, and its not fair that danville’s crime rate has gone up so much from the past couple years that we’ve probably out did chicago and any other state or city. Hopefully things get better and we put a stop gang violence so that no more innocent children have to die.

  16. I one main problem is that the gangs are every were. Most killings are gang related.

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