SOL Domains Materials UPDATE

I updated the materials on my Teaching the Virginia SOL Domains page. The links haven’t been working for a while now, and my materials were a mess since my flash drive broke a few years ago, so it has taken a while.

Honestly, the only reason I’ve put it at the top of my list is that my department chair asked me to share it with the middle school teachers in our district to make sure we’re aligning our writing instruction. (Thanks, Ann!)

Maybe more to come!

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Handouts Available: Caesar

Tonight, I (re-)uploaded many of the handouts for The Tragedy of Julius Caesar:

  • an anticipation guide
  • new & improved study guides for all five acts (with vocabulary, literary terms, and a blank for the line number)
  • an iambic pentameter worksheet
  • a characterization quotation worksheet

I need to reformat some other Caesar handouts to add, and I’ll get the “Handouts” page (still thinking I’ll change the name, see) started ASAP, so I can add these to it.

YAY for progress!

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